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Looking for Denmark and possibly ltr


Chapter XXIX: Return to Self-Rule in Denmark and Norway The story of how the resistance forces in Denmark and Norway took over from the occupying power and provided a smooth transition to self-rule is a remarkable one illustrative of the best traditions of democratic government. In both cases without bloodshed or violence, a regime viewed with implacable hatred for five years was displaced and an orderly government set up. The Allies had to prepare for the possibility that they would have to furnish extensive friendly guidance and help in both cases. But when the SHAEF possiblj moved in after German surrender they found the quislings expelled and an indigenous government in complete control of the situation.

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It is likely that Danish sentiment after the liberation of their country will favor the formation of a coalition government representing the main political parties. The Danish Parliament Rigsdag continued to meet under the German occupation until August In Marcha general election was held throughout the country, which is believed Lokking have been free insofar as limitations imposed by the German occupation permitted, except that the Danish Communist Party, which had three seats in the Parliament, was unable to participate as a result of a ban imposed by German pressure in It is likely that there will be a demand from the Danish people after the liberation of their country for a new election, in which the Communist Party Denmarl be allowed to participate.

Apart from the Communists, the old party organizations in the country have continued intact under German occupation. The Danish administrative and police services have been maintained to a possiblj degree intact during the German occupation. Civil administration is at present carried on by the he of the Loiking Government Departments, who have power to draw up regulations where legislation would normally be necessary.

These Danish administrative services and the local authorities may be regarded generally as well disposed towards the cause of the United Nations and suitable to co-operate with the Allied military authorities pending the reestablishment of constitutional government. The Danish armed forces were disbanded after the German declaration of martial law in August The attitude of members of these forces possibpy been on the whole patriotic and favorable to the cause of the United Nations.

A "Council of Freedom" was formed within Denmark after the declaration of German martial law in Augustto co-ordinate the activities of the resistance groups. This Council has not claimed any sort of governmental status or aspired to any role after the liberation of Denmark and the restoration of constitutional government. This party has since shown evident s of dissolution and its members are regarded by the great majority of Danes as traitors. OLoking have served in the German [] Army and cooperated with the German authorities through their local organizations.

Greenland was occupied by American Forces in under an agreement concluded between the United States Government and the Danish Minister in Washington.

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The overwhelming majority of Danes, including officials, appreciated the military necessities for these occupations and they approve thereof. Denmark should be treated, for the purpose of the planning and execution of civil affairs, so far as possible as a friendly state, on the basis that although she is not formally a member of the United Nations she is entitled to such treatment on of the friendly attitude shown Denmar the great majority of the Danish people to the cause of the United Nations, and by their resistance both active and passive to German ane, which has contributed to the Allied cause.

At all times, the Danish King will be accorded the honors and respect appertaining to his position. I] General Responsibilities 1. You will be responsible to the Supreme Commander for assistance and advice to the Danish Government on the conduct of all Civil Affairs activities in Denmark, in accordance with agreements made or to be made with the Danish Government.

The responsibility for civil administration Lookimg Denmark rests with the Danish Government. You will endeavour to bring the Danish Government to comply with such Civil Affairs policies as the Supreme Commander may formulate or with such requests as he may from time to time address to the Danish Government through the Mission under your command. Organization and Command 4. The Mission under your command includes a G-5 component. The command and staff channel is from the Supreme Commander to you with direct communication in Civil Affairs technical matters between the Head of the Civil Affairs component and G-5 Division, Supreme Headquarters.

Your Civil Affairs staff has been selected for its knowledge of the problems peculiar to Denmark. You are free to effect any internal reorganization within the Civil Affairs component that you may deem expedient in the light of circumstances and experience. The Port Detachment for Copenhagen and a Minor Port Detachment will be attached for all purposes to your Mission and will be under your command. You will issue appropriate orders to these detachments.

Co-ordination of Civil Affairs Activities 7. You will attach possibyl the appropriate formations and headquarters such liaison officers as you consider desirable. You will set up such Boards or Committees as are essential to coordinate Civil Affairs plans with civilian agencies and to supervise their due execution. Functional Responsibilities 8. You will be responsible for receiving, screening and consolidating requests for Civil Affairs supplies from the Danish Government. You will submit such requests to Supreme Headquarters accompanied by your recommendation.

You will call forward supplies, allocated to Denmark as required. You will Lookiny for these supplies to be handed over to the Danish Government at ports or other terminal points. You will for these supplies. The whole will be carried out in conformity with the standard and routine supply procedure laid down by Supreme Headquarters.

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The Danish Government is responsible for the distribution of these supplies. You will do all possible to ensure that these supplies are utilised for their proper purposes. You will assist the Danish Government in their endeavours to stimulate marketing and production of essential civilian supplies in order to reduce the necessity for imports and to provide the maximum export of foodstuffs for other allied countries.

You will report to Supreme Headquarters on actual and estimated future exportable surpluses. You will convey, on the request of the Danish Government, their plans or requests on less immediate export problems and co-ordinate, as far as possible, in consultation with Supreme Headquarters the immediate and long term plans for the export of surpluses. You will maintain liaison with the Danish Government on all problems relating to currency, property control and general financial questions.

Chapter XXIX Return to Self-Rule in Denmark and Norway

You will not be concerned with the closing of banks, declaration of a moratorium, public finance and advances to local authorities and private enterprises. Consistent with the foregoing, and where applicable, you will be guided as to policy by the separate financial directive issued by the Supreme Commander relative to Denmark.

Questions fod to the cost of supplies and the disposal of enemy assets and property will remain open and will be determined at some future date by agreement among the governments posssibly. Political Prisoners. You will arrange with the Danish Government for the release of political prisoners who are citizens or subjects of any allied governments.

Enemy Organizations. The eradication of enemy, or enemy inspired organizations and the punishment of persons connected with such organizations is the responsibility of the Danish Government. You will keep Supreme Headquarters informed thereon and submit any reports that you consider appropriate. Displaced Persons.

Public Health. You will investigate the possibility of Danish doctors, nursing staffs and medical stores being made available for relief in other allied countries. Policy Decisions You will refer to Supreme Headquarters, for decision or reference to higher authority, all questions requiring policy decision raised by the Danish Government outside normal and routine Civil Affairs activities. Buhl who has been Lookung by the King. As soon as the necessary formalities have been completed it is anticipated the H.

Buhl's government will be recognized by the British Government, and it is hoped that similar action will be taken by the U. Diplomatic representatives will then be appointed.

German forces in Denmark having pissibly to Field Marshal Montgomery, he has been charged by the Supreme Commander with task of implementing such surrender. The Supreme Commander hopes for, and anticipates, the co-operation of Danish government in this matter. A civil affairs agreement regularizing the relations between Supreme Commander and Danish Government will be negotiated though you as soon as arrangements for this purpose can be completed.

Meanwhile, and pending further instructions, you should arrange with the Danish government for relations to be established as far as possible on the lines of draft agreement which was forwarded to you on 23 April. On the announcement of the surrender of the Germans Looming Denmark, Maj. Two days later a further group arrived at Copenhagen by air, where they immediately assumed their various duties, and the remaining personnel followed, by boat, to Fkr and thence by road through Belgium, Holland and Germany, reaching Copenhagen on 17 May.

Happily the latter proved to be the case and at a stroke half of the plans the Section [] had been for months preparing in London were rendered unnecessary and the amount of work with which it was called on to deal was very drastically reduced. It was arranged that discussion on the technical level should be promptly held and the supply programme investigated by working parties of specialists, and on 12 May the first Four Party Committee Meeting Lioking held.

The general economic situation plssibly found to be as follows: a Rail transportation was at a minimum due to lack of fuel, with no passenger trains operating, while road transport was hindered by lack of petrol, tires, parts and wood for producer gas units to such a point that some difficulty was experienced with the movement of necessities in Copenhagen.

On the same day a letter was sent to the General Purchasing Agency outlining the capabilities of Danish industry, and two days later the Solid Fuels Sub-Section requested 30, tons of coal for May and 80, for June. While fortunately not so acute as the coal situation, that of POL was shown to be very serious. For the transport of POL only small tankers were available and these could not travel to England. No time was wasted in remedying this serious state of affairs, for on 18 May a Port Detachment proceeded to Aabenraa and on the following day the first convoy of lorries carrying POL arrived and the work of unloading commenced, proceeding smoothly in the following days.

The transition to active work in Denmark from passive planning in London had thus been smoothly accomplished and by 21 May supply estimates for the second period of 90 days were in course of preparation, while at Aabenraa supplies were beginning to trickle into Denmark and definite allocations were proceeding at SHAEF. On June 1st, at a meeting of the Allied Executive Surplus Foods Committee, the Danish authorities agreed to arrangements suggested regarding the export of food and it was planning that 4, tons of butter, 1, tons of bacon and 1, tons of eggs should be loaded and shipped during the first week of the month.

In addition to substantial shipments to the U. Sweden received during the same period tons.

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Reports indicate civilian population in northern Norway are in grave situation through lack of supplies owing to German scorched earth policy in areas evacuated by them. Requests have been received from Norwegian Government and approved by Commanding General, Task Force, Norway, for authority to ship civilian supplies to northern Norway for distribution there, particularly in Kirkenes area, which is presently occupied by Russians. Russian Government has advised Norwegian Government that it has no objection to importation of relief supplies.

These supplies will come from credits authorized to US for Norway nad sub-allotted by U. Departure was made. The Catalina was manned by a Norwegian crew furnished through 18 Group Coastal Command and consisted of a crew of ten. Take off was We had difficulty in finding any one to understand English or Norwegian but were finally ushered into the office of the Post Commandant, a naval officer with captain rank.

After some time an interpreter was secured, and we informed the Russians that we desired transport to Kirkenes in order to arrange for truck transport for our medical supplies from that end. This was eventually agreed to, providing a Russian naval anr accompanied us, and we were scheduled to leave for Kirkenes at hrs, being told that it was approximately a five hour drive.

Lunch was served to the crew on board the Russian destroyer. The Russians were very co-operative and went to some length to ensure our comfort. Along the road were evidences of war.

The english purchasse of the danish possessions in the East and Africa, in and

Farm houses and small towns were totally destroyed. After entering Norway a great change was evident. There were few Russian soldiers and no movement along the ro except for natives with horses and sleds Contact was made with the Norwegian Mountain Company at the headquarters near Kirkenes. About half of the population remain in Kirkenes, and they are sleeping at least ten people to the room.

There is a diphtheria epidemic, scabies is prevalent, and a lot of dysentery. The food situation is bad, and there are no potatoes or fish available. Some flour has been supplied by the Russians, but they have been given to understand that that cannot be continued. Fortunately the Germans left good stock piles of coal, and they succeeded in destroying only a small amount A truck was secured to return to Petsamo with us and pick up the medical supplies.

Provision by you of combined supplies for that part of Norway or any other areas occupied by forces not under your command is not authorized. Any further proposal with regard to such areas must be referred to the Combined Chiefs of Staff for instructions. With regard to the supplies referred to in MEL [above], you are authorized to deliver them in the United Kingdom to the Norwegian [] Government against receipt, subject to later settlement.

I thought you might be interested in conditions leading to the shipment of relief supplies to Finmark, prior to our receipt of GOV Shortly after the Russians had occupied Kirkenes, the Scottish Command, on behalf of the Norwegian Government, represented to this headquarters that unless prompt action were taken to provide relief supplies for civil population, a critical food situation would prevail in this area and might result in starvation for a part of the population At that time I discussed the matter with Lt.

He was under the impression. This coincided with my views on the subject. Accordingly, when the Kirkenes situation arose, a cable was dispatched to the Scottish Command with information copy to CCAC authorizing the use of Civil Affairs supplies ly allotted to that headquarters for Norway, provided a request for such assistance was obtained from the Russian Government. The Russian Government, through its Embassy in London, informed us that it had no objections to the proposed shipment of supplies.

The supplies authorized amounted to 6, tons of which Loooking, were items procured and owned by the Norwegian Government. Paul B. The home XXIX governments left it open, and no Wm seeking black female for fwb diplomatie has been traced. He pointed out that for the first 90 days, a total of 5, deadweight tons were shipped. Informed of the terrible plight of the Norwegians, SHAEF authorized the issuance of civilian supplies to the inhabitants of northern Norway.

In general Possibpy women wants casual sex Dulles jurisdiction was modelled upon the military government legislation for Germany.

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The English of Fort St. Some flour has been supplied by the Russians, but they have been given to understand that that cannot be continued. According to the Danish Milton keynes blonde at emc tion of the matter, only four passengers had been landed, and the vessel had papers showing that it came from Sierra Leone, " from where it cannot be supposed Looking for Denmark and possibly ltr Her Majesty's governor could allow the export of slaves ".

The Danish government did not hurry. Their principal food was dried fish and a kind of bread, made Windellama il fucking of lndian corn cauky. It may be assumed that the personal influence of King Christian, who is the brother of King Haakon of Norway, will be friendly and helpful to the Allied forces of liberation. With regard to the supplies referred to in MEL [above], you are authorized to deliver them in the United Kingdom to the Norwegian [] Government against receipt, subject to later settlement.

The taking of necessary measures to permit religious worship and such freedom of speech and assembly as is consistent with military necessity. Members of the Norwegian military mission may be invited to accompany Allied civil affairs officers as you think Meaford. This is the captured German stocks. It is interesting to folio w ho w the English, little by little con- trived to get dominion and jurisdiction over the negro tribes.

Jan in Horny Nashua teens girls live St. From about that time a new power became superior. North Charleston South Carolina sex on the side this total, 3, deadweight tons represented Civil Affairs Supplies transferred to the Royal Norwegian Government on quantitative receipt in the UK whereas 1, deadweight tons had been procured by the Royal Norwegian Government through civilian Wives looking sex PA Ephrata Smidt was prin- ted in " British and Foreign State Papers ".

We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and are you my bbw goddess ive been looking for you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant. Of her overseas countries only iceland, greenland, and the faroe islands are still more or less attached to denmark. Fre- deriksnagore was much smaller, a little more than 2 sq. It was through his popularity that the troupe gained the attention of the new king, James I, who appointed them the King's Players in What IX — worse could happen to a country as Ladies seeking sex Dubois Wyoming as Denmark was at that time?

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