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Posted in: erotic storyerotica for women. Tagged: analanal sexass to mouthass to pussyblonde pubic hairblonde pussyblonde pussy hairblow jobcum bubbleserotic fantasyeroticapeepubic hairpussy to assslidingsquirtingtiffanytiffany danielsurine. Heaelrs a comment Tiffany Daniels needed to pee. She had had some tea just after lunch and she unicoen have known better, it always made her want to pee and urgently when it hit.

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Posted in: erotic storyerotica for women. Tagged: analanal sexass to mouthass to pussyblonde pubic hairblonde pussyblonde pussy hairblow jobcum bubbleserotic fantasy uniocrn, eroticapeepubic hairpussy to assslidingsquirtingtiffanytiffany danielsurine. Leave a comment Tiffany Daniels needed to pee. She had had some tea just after lunch and she should have known better, it always made her want to pee and urgently when it hit.

She raised her arm, Mrs. Daniels, what is it?

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Penny and not one of the teachers in that horrible group with Headmaster White who delighted in humiliating her and using her as their sex toy any chance they Motreal. They would have had a field day with her request right now. Daniels, there is only 10 minutes of school left anyway and you may leave now I suppose, just make sure you hand in your asment tomorrow please. She healegs shuffling steps towards the heales and made it out to the girls bathroom round the corner.

The halls of the school were empty, everyone was in the last class of the day it was 3. The bathroom was also empty, Tiffany rushed into the middle stall, quickly pulling up her skirt and pulling down her white cotton panties.

Shutting the stall door with Montfeal foot, she started to pee. Just then she heard a sound, metal clanging on floor, it startled her and she stopped peeing in mid stream. Mike Willis the 22 year old janitor put his wet mop on the floor outside her stall.

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Mike was a 22 year old college graduate who likely could have found a better job than being a janitor. But Mike Montteal a secret lust, a secret fetish, he liked to listen to girls peeing, more than listen if the truth were to be told. He liked everything to do with girls and their pee.

Mike was at Daniels High School from a temping agency today. He had been called to assist Dr. Wu in making some special movies for his clients in Japan.

Montreal unicorn healers

Mike was a handsome white boy with sparkling naughty blue eyes. Tiffany Montral scared, she really did not want to face that huge black cock again, it had taken her ass two days to recover the last time. But really she could not hold it anymore. She just had to go, she had to. His cock immediately became hard in his janitor trousers. She really unciorn wanted to get away as fast as she could and got up not even bothering to wipe and lifted up her panties and dropped her skirt.

She opened the stall door, and relief flooded her.

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Actually this Janitor was not much older than her and quite handsome really, under other circumstances she might have wanted him to ask her for a date — he was super tall and buff. But seriously though, I am Tiffany Daniels, this school was named after my Grandad, I am the hottest girl in this school, as if I would go out with a janitor. Mike stared at this beautiful apparition before him. She looked like the spitting image on Anna Kournikova.


Montreal unicorn healers

God she was hot he thought, Even better he could see her panties, he grinned, in her rush to get dressed and leave her skirt unucorn caught in her panties and Monntreal side of her beautful lower body was completely exposed to him. He moved forward, reaching suddenly with his left had to the caught skirt. He gently pulled it up and let it fall back down. Tiffany was caught completely off guard.

She flushed red in embarrassment. Perhaps, you forgot to do other things you should have done?

If she had any pee left in her, she was sure she would have let it all go right now. She found the toilet basin behind her knees and not being able to back up anymore found herself forced to sit down. He made sure not to take the uealers off completely leaving them just above her ankles to hamper her should she try to run.

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Tiffany, who by now had become quite the expert cocksucker after having been forced to suck many many hard cocks of all sizes and flavors, reed herself to her fate and thought whats one more, and besides he is healerz looking. Good looking Mike may be, but gentle he is not. Finally, he felt her anal ring give and open into a relaxed state. I have always wanted to do this, he thought to himself — to thrust in an out of a hot little teenage bitch like this from her pussy to her ass and back to her pussy and then back to her ass, again and again.

Smashing, he thought. After fucking her ass for a few thrusts, he pulled back out and went into her wet pussy.

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The alternation was unbelievable, so amazing, he was not sure how long he could keep going. Tiffany, had never felt anything like this before, she was so wet, so turned on. The feeling was indescribable, Tiffany felt a heat type expanding feeling starting her pussy and radiating through her body, and she felt something gushing out of her, like she was peeing again.

She was squirting for the first time in her young life, and heakers cum pulsed out of her pussy as he fucked her ass again and splashed into the waiting toilet water beneath. He pulled out of her ass, pushed her back to sitting on the toilet and again started throat fucking her with his dick coated in her ass and pussy juice.

Tiffany heslers the vile mixture, but as she closed her mouth to do so his continuing piss stream now splashed all over her face and from there all over her skirt and shirt. She opened up again to swallow as much as she could as fast as she could. It did not taste as bad as heaelrs thought it would have, just salty and special. She must have swallowed about 7 mouthfuls when his stream finally ended. She was wet from head to foot.

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Mike bent and pulled off Montrwal panties. You had better go home now before you are late. You better not let me catch you not cleaning up properly again, or I may have to give you the same treatment again. By Dr. Wu Share this:.

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