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Who uses PCP? Individuals of all ages use PCP.

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The survey also revealed that many teenagers and young adults use Afrer, individuals aged 12 to 17 andindividuals aged 18 to 25 used the drug at least once. PCP use among high school students is a particular concern. More than 3 percent of high school seniors in the United States used the drug at least once in their lifetime, and more than 1 percent used the drug gefore the past year, according to the University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future Survey. What are the risks?

PCP | Effects of PCP | FRANK

PCP is an addictive drug; its use often in psychological dependence, craving, and compulsive behavior. PCP produces unpleasant psychological effects, and users often become violent or suicidal. PCP poses particular risks for young people. Even moderate use of the drug can negatively affect the hormones associated with normal growth and development. PCP use also can impede the learning process in teenagers.

Everything You Need to Know About Angel Dust (PCP) slutty female Avalynn

High doses of PCP can cause seizures, coma, and even death often as a consequence of accidental injury or suicide while under the drug's effects. The way you experience time may change, time may speed up or slow down. It might make you feel really happy and upbeat. It might make you feel very down, panicky and paranoid. Some people become more aggressive and violent. How does it make annd behave?

What Is PCP? Addiction, Side Effects and Withdrawal Symptoms

Taking PCP can lead to a severe psychotic state. This is a mental condition that stops you from thinking clearly, telling the difference between reality and your imagination, beofre acting in a normal way.

These states are temporary. The risks PCP is an anaesthetic and was deed to stop people feeling pain during operations. The physical health risks include: A loss of coordination and control. An increase in body temperature.

What Does a PCP High Feel Like? | Garden State Treatment Center

Feeling detached from reality. Convulsions — when your body shakes violently without you meaning it to.

Leading users to hurt themselves: some users have been known to cut themselves or commit suicide. Some, who are violent towards others, may do more harm because they feel less pain. PCP can lead to convulsions, and cause your breathing to become shallow and slow, or even stop your lungs from working completely — which can result in death. Mental health risks Taking PCP can lead to a severe psychotic state. Long term use of PCP has been reported to cause memory and cognitive problems, poor appetite and weight loss, depression, and a prolonged paranoid state of mind.

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PCP can cause anxiety and agitation. What is PCP cut with? As with any drug, you can never be sure what you are taking and how you will react to it. In the past PCP xnd been found to be mixed with other substances, such as cocaine and ecstasy.

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