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Power of the Pelvic Floor The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and connective tissue that span the area of the pelvis to support your internal reproductive organs and to control the anal sphincter, urethra, vaginal opening and blood flow to the penis. Your pelvic floor regulates major bodily functions including urination, defecation and you guessed it-- sexual function! How do I find my pelvic floor? Stop and take a deep breath in, and out.

With your next inhale, squeeze the muscles you would use to stop your pee, and hold them in. As you exhale, release those muscles. The muscles you just engaged in this practice make up your pelvic floor. How it Works Pelvic floor muscles have the special capabilities to tighten, lift, squeeze, and relax. They can do so in three different planes. These muscles are special because they can be consciously controlled and trained.

For example, you can lift the muscles up and in toward the torso, squeeze the muscles around the urethra to stop your flow during urination, or your anus to prevent the passing of gas. For those with vaginas, the pelvic floor muscles are like the shape of a figure 8, wrapping around the opening to the vagina and the anus. The many muscles of the pelvic floor are interconnected, and thus work together to control different functions. Pelvic Floor Awareness If we are not in the practice of bringing awareness to the pelvic area, we create a disconnection.

This disconnection grows over time because your mind is not accustomed to thinking about this voluntary muscle. Your pelvic floor is the base of your body. When you move from a place of awareness, you have better postural alignment which promotes greater awareness of your entire body. While having sex, contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor can feel amazing for everyone.

People with penises can pulse their penises by engaging and releasing these muscles. People with vaginas can squeeze around a penis, finger, dildo, or whatever one is experimenting with. The benefit of being aware of your pelvic floor muscles during sex play can create more connection and an incredible mindfulness practice. Next time you have sex, pay attention to what happens in this muscle group without controlling anything at first. You may notice that you tense up a lot, or that you relax a lot.

No judgement! The fun happens when you become more aware and play with contracting and relaxing at different points.

Try this at home: One of my favorite practices is to consciously contract my pelvic muscles during intercourse and when I feel my climax approaching, I relax and let go into a wild orgasm. There is no wrong or right way to do this kind of sexploration, so have fun with it! Healthy Pelvic Floor Muscles Think of your pelvic floor like a hammock. When the hammock is tied too loose, you end up with your butt on the ground.

When the hammock is tied just right between two trees, it cradles you with a perfect curve so that you can lie comfortably with enough space to move around or invite someone in for a good hammock cuddle. Healthy muscle tissue is both strong and flexible. A healthy muscle is strong enough to help your body function as it should. A healthy muscle must also be able to relax and stretch to avoid injury and chronic tension.

A healthy mind-body connection ensures that we are aware when a muscle is too tense, or too weak. Some of her pelvic pain clients are very strong people that are constantly contracting their abs and glutes, putting strain on their pelvic floor muscles. Keeping your muscles soft and pliable like this feels good, and is necessary to maintain a good healthy balance in your muscle tissues.

This muscle is responsible for controlling urine flow, contracting orgasms, ejaculating semen from penises, and pushing babies out.

Here's How To Give Your Partner A Professional-Grade Massage

InDr. At the time, it was a novel idea in the American medical community that working these muscles alone could make a difference, when they had developed a successful surgical fix for the issue. You tried this at the beginning of this essay. I distinctly remember reading a teen magazine as a young girl that recommended doing 10 kegels at a stop light as a daily reminder. What I did not know then, was that the proper way to strengthen the PC muscle is to engage and hold the contraction for a few seconds before relaxing it completely.

That would be a pretty long stop light. Orgasm and the Pelvic Floor In one research study, women were clinically evaluated to determine their pelvic floor muscle strength and given a questionnaire called the Sexual Function Index to examine the correlation between pelvic floor muscle strength and sexual functioning. They found that women with moderate to strong pelvic floor muscles had higher scores when it came to orgasms and arousal, than women with weaker pelvic floor muscles.

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For those with vaginas, the PC muscles directly affect the amount of sensation experienced in the genitals by controlling the grip around whatever is penetrating the vagina. For those with penises, the pelvic floor muscles contract to keep blood supply in the penis to maintain an erection.

During their climax, these muscles control the release of semen. In the resolution phase after jassages, the pelvic floor muscles release completely after the workout they just had. In this way, you can see how important it is to have strong muscles that can also release sufficiently to bask in the afterglow of sex. Vaginas can expand and contract more than you think. Some vaginas are wider, some are smaller.

Will your vagina change? There are many therapeutic exercises and techniques to recover from childbirth to make this area feel better than ever. While it is positive that pelvic floor health is gaining attention across mainstream and wellness media, I cannot stress enough that when you engage in pelvic strengthening exercises, you must also adequately relax massages muscles after engaging them. Strong is good, but tense is not.

They are often attributed to other health concerns, making it tricky to diagnose and treat.

Symptoms of Pelvic Floor Problems The pelvic floor is a complicated network of tissues that is different in every body, so not all issues are the same and some require specific treatment. Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor If you know that it is time to massaves your pelvic floor, I encourage you Relacation talk with a health practitioner, like a pelvic floor physical therapist, to come up with a plan that fits your needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all method to strengthen the pelvic floor or fix every issue.

The type of pelvic floor engagement and of repetitions per day may vary, so start small and see how you feel. Adding repetitions of proper pelvic floor muscle engagement to your daily routine may help to improve many issues associated with a weak pelvic floor. It takes time, so be patient! Researchers massates that people see a notable difference between 4 weeks and 6 months depending on the condition. According to research, seual practices that develop core strength such as Pilates and yoga Relaxatioon to build pelvic floor strength.

Be sure that you choose a fitness class that meets your needs! The classes I teach that build pelvic floor strength, are always followed by lots of releasing and relaxing. A physical therapist specialized in pelvic health will most likely perform an internal assessment by feeling the muscles inside your vagina or anus with a gloved finger.

It is important to feel comfortable with your physical therapist so you can relax and breathe through the assessment. If this sounds nerve-wracking, have a conversation with your physical therapist beforehand and ask them questions about what to expect. You'll leave your appointment with specific exercises and techniques that you'll practice to improve your pelvic health. Ask your healthcare practitioner for a referral or recommendation for a physical therapist that can address your specific concerns.

How to Ease the Tension If you know your pelvic floor muscles could use a break, it is very important to work on releasing tension sexuak so it does not become chronic and manifest into a bigger issue down the road. One thing to look for: Is your jaw tight? Like every part of your kassages, your sexuual and your pelvis are interconnected. When people have jaw tension, they may also have pelvic floor tension. I see this in my yoga classes in hip-openers-- my students with tighter hips will tense up their jaws.

A step-by-step guide to performing tantric massage

When they are cued to relax their jaw, they surrender to the sensation of the hip-opener and soften, falling deeper into the pose. I feel this in my own practice, and it is like taking a sigh of eRlaxation when I surrender my jaw and pelvic tension in a triggering pose. There are a of reasons people experience tension, or nonrelaxing pelvic floor dysfunction. These include stress and anxiety, physical and emotional trauma, overworking the muscles without releasing them, and more.

Seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist is one way to help you identify which muscles need to be released and how.

Relaxing yoga, meditation, Relaxatiln, and other forms of stress relief can drastically improve general tension in the body. Just like other types of muscle tension, massage works too!

See below for tips masages a relaxing pelvic floor massage. From an alignment Relazation, it le to poor spinal posture, uneven hips, and tension in the inner hip and pelvic floor muscles. Uncross them! Let it all hang out! Sit confidently with your legs hip distance-width apart or wider! If you do need to cross your legs, make a figure 4 shape with your ankle on top of your opposite thigh, and press your bent knee down to help open the hips.

That is a great way to get in hip-openers while sitting. Take Deep Belly Breaths. Your abdominal muscles are connected to the pelvic floor muscles. When one contracts, so do a contxct of others. Stress and heavy emotional situations can cause this tension. When you feel your pelvic floor or abs clenching outside of an exercise, take a deep breath and pull the breath down to the belly by filling it up and sticking your gut out with the inhale, feeling it pull down into the pelvic floor.

Let everything relax with the exhale. Intimate Pelvic Floor Release Massage - or with company This is something you can do on yourself or with a massages.

Wash your hands and use a lubricant of choice.

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