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Shall I compare you to a summer's day? No I shall compare you to the leaves that teem with gold the trees that shimmer with red, yellow, purple magenta, hazelnut, chocolate and more The many shades of you. The colors that you wear How you create your world How you color mine You are a kaleidoscope of color when the world is gray

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Shall I compare you to a summer's day? No I shall compare you to the leaves that teem with gold the trees that shimmer with red, yellow, purple magenta, hazelnut, chocolate and more The many shades of you. The colors that you wear How you create your world How Saxdest color mine You are a kaleidoscope of color when the world is gray Behold my princess, my wife, my star!

My dear love, I have so much to say to you, so much I need to say.

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Today, I couldn't wait to talk to you; to hear your soothing voice. While I was talking to you I kept thinking how blessed and fortunate I am ketter have a man of your caliber by my side. I kept thanking God over and over again for answering my prayers, for in Him, you sought me and made me yours. There is more to you than your sense of humor, charm, infectious smile and laugh; your warm loving spirit, zest for life, and poise captured me.

As I sit here, I am overjoyed to be in your life.

I have learned so much about myself through you and through our experiences together. You make me want to be a better woman for all the right reasons in God's eyes. ,etter loving me as I will always keep loving you. Thank you for seeing past my flaws and loving me in spite of; thank you for accepting me Saddets I am and trusting in God that I am the woman for you. I love you more and more each and every day.

I appreciate all that you have given me now and in the future. Time is of late, my love.

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The utopian world we once knew, has all but petter a fragmented dream. Our hopes and desires are slipping into the dusk of oblivion. Loce miss you with every intake Saddesr breath. I find myself holding my breath; tortured at the thought that each breath takes you further from me. The strongest bonds of love Sasdest not just of bloodline or family, when two hearts are in sync and beat as one. Our love is just as strong and untainted. The ravages of this war are starting to break down my wall of sanity.

I fear they will breach my most precious possession: you. You keep me going in a world that is lost unto its self. When everything is spiraling into madness, you are my compass; steadying my mind and plotting my coarse of righteousness. I still carry your locket of hair; as my totem and charm, in hopes that it will bring me steadfast and safe into your arms again. I guess without pain, we would never know true love; but without love, there is nothing left to feel, but pain.

I miss the fragrance of your hair, that I alone was permitted to experience.

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I never told you this, but sometimes in the early morning, I would purposely wake, just to watch you sleep. You were so beautiful, sleeping deeply in the bosom of contentedness.

You were safe within my realm and gave yourself fully to it. You trusted me, as I trusted you. How lucky am I that I get to share everything of which I am. To open the door of who we are, and invite those we love into our crazy little worlds. To accept each other's little quirks, without judgement, but instead, with gratuitous thanks. I miss the warmth of your body next to mine. I want to hold something pure in my arms again, instead of this weapon of destruction: which soul purpose is to extinguish a life.

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Have we truly forgotten what it means to be human? My unit is being moved to the front lines in the morning.

I leave my fate in God's hands, hoping our love is witnessed from above, thus sparing me from dying alone among these strangers who are as lost as I am. Are we victims of circumstance, my love, or just the unlucky inhabitants of a body dealt the wrong hand? I am a slave to my mind, caused by the horrors and atrocities of this war. You are my luminous beacon, Amelia; my light in a world that has gone cold and dark.

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My heart and lether are yours for the taking. I guess it's not really taken, if it's freely given, which I give without hesitation. Like a mother that never questions her child's love; know that my love is just as true and pure, and unwitnessed since the Genesis of time. Without you I am stagnant and grounded like a bird without its wings.

I want to make a home with you, Amelia, for better of worse. My most cherished wish is a homestead with you by my side. I don't Saddesg anything to offer, except my unwavering love. I need you and your undaunted devotion to me. Letger know this is a lot to lay upon your shoulders, especially with the gravity of what awaits me when the morning comes. It's not fair for me to weigh you down with my selfishness.

Allow me to rephrase my wants, legter ease your burden as well as my own. If my light should be extinguished during this unconscionable and unwarranted war, you must move on and never look back.

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I can't digest the thought of you in someone else's arms; but the image of you alone is the worse thought of lstter. Am I justified in my selfishness, keeping you all to myself? You are a blessing to all that have a chance to make your acquaintance.

Shouldn't I allow the world to also experience the Sdadest rarity that is you? Our hearts will consummate again. I know this because as sure as the world is round and there is love to be acquired, we will reunite again. In what entity or form I do not know, but we will know each other at a glance. I need to sleep now so I can face tomorrow with all my wits about me and with the fortitude and hope of returning to my beloved. I love you, with everything in me. Goodnight my sweet.

With love llve Belighted Bliss unto you. I wonder Sadest you even know that I exist. I often watch you from afar and imagine that your smiles are for me.

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I imagine myself in your arms with your lips gently caressing my check. It is my fondest lovf that our hearts will one day meet in a way that only exists between true lovers. If you listen closely, you will hear my sweet voice in the wind, prompting you to come to me, so that our souls can become one. Until then, know that I am waiting Legter be able to feel your lips on mine, your sweet caresses and embrace.

I have missed you and needed you, but there was no you to be found. You have loved me, and then abandoned me, surrounding me with your stilled love. In time, I said, you would come back, in time you would return. You did and kept your word as lovely as you are. I remember the day clearly; my heart thudded in my breast, my mouth went dry with no words to speak, and my knees went weak with knowing you were there.

Then I saw you and you came to me with open arms. I finally felt your embrace your flesh upon mine, your lips that devoured me. A thousand questions could have gone through my head, but they remained silent and aloof. For once it was just you and I, no questions, no second thoughts, no more dreaming, it was only you. Then, when I thought a reunion like ours could not olve surpassed, you surprised me again with words I never thought to be uttered, I love you.

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And so, my darling, my love, I write this to you with unmistakable doubt that, although I cannot be near you, you are with me all the time and although I cannot hold you, touch you, or kiss you, you have meant everything to me and no physicality can ever replace the memory of your passionate touch. Each corner of my mind echoes your loving voice and gentle laugh constantly when you are afar and my eyes long to see you and only you.

For it is your arms I long to be held by, warmed by lrtter gentle caress. I have tried my best to concentrate on the tasks and circumstances that have taken me so far from you, but to no avail. My every thought is of you, and I find it to Sadsest an unending and exquisite agony, knowing that we have untold months before I can once again gaze upon your lovely face.

And your smile--oh, how I miss your smile Your love means the world to me. It sustains me through the empty nights that have passed and the bleak nights that lay ahead of me. My love for you will endure and grow ever stronger, nourished in the knowledge that we will someday be reunited. I am gazing up at a full moon as I letter this, praying that its gentle light is also shining down on you and that you are safe, thinking of me as I am of you.

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I love you. The thing I value most in life, is lovve time together. Life is not measured by the of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

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